The Trumpet

by Lex

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released April 6, 2016

Vox on track 3 by Joy Hammond
Sax on track 3 by Jordan Garrett
Mastered by Dan E Brown
CDs coming soon from The United Workers Party, USA


tags: rock Seattle


all rights reserved


Lex Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: I Just Want For You To Feel Comfortable
it's alright
you might
think that you didn't try
your best
but you did
you gave
lots of time
that you want back
(you did your best)

i just would like it for you to feel comfy
you and me together relaxed and present, baby

am sorry
if i
make you shy
it's the sky
i'm so high
just close your eyes
Track Name: Take It Apart
just because
it's all interrelated
you think we're one
well i think that's bullshit

(blah blah blah)
tell me
(blah blah blah)
tell me tell me
what you think you know

probably ain't shit

take a look around
ya know
there's a lot of things to be found
unity ain't what it seems
separation occur

chaos is my choice
my choice, the choice, a choice

you tell me a lot of things

take it apart
your worldview
Track Name: I Want It (The Trumpet)
unconsciously i'm waitin' for a call (from above)
i'm lookin' for the answer to it all (oh my god)
if there was a good time to let it go (it's right now)
i'm overwhelmed and i'm in the front row (it's so loud but...)

i want it (the trumpet)

there's somethin' really weird and i don't think that i get it
my fingers are pulling it loose until it's gone
Track Name: The Kid
you ask a lot
just leave it

cuz kid if you touch that one more time you're dead

don't think i can take this
kid, you're contagious

i'll tell your mom just get off my lawn right now

come and knock on my
kid i swear to god
if you touch my purse
i will end you
come and knock on my
kid i swear to god
if you touch my purse
i will end you now
Track Name: Stagnant Anthem
watching tv
help me andy
sinking in seat
despite my heat
it stinks
my heat

maybe we'll eat
give me a treat
the energy
will give me speed
i'll need
Track Name: Interestss: Vanillaa
stuck in the way, get out the way
Track Name: Cold Wet Dream
she seems to lay inside my cold dreams
she's sweating a lot like me
it's happening at the same time
i think her shoes match my feet

eternity is there and i'm hopin' for it
(wait, not like that)

try drinking on a glass of water
my friends they tell me that's what you need
went surfin' with friends from high school
they turned into dolphins, man

she seems to lay inside my cold dreams


sleepin' in 'til noon, man
still haven't got a plan
my papa tells me it's okay
cuz dreamin's not the worst thang

my green light is waiting
hangin' there like lightspeed
you can't man, don't rush your bones
they'll break
ya know

last week i was downtown
standing at urinal
i read it on the plaster wall
permanent and black and sharp
"what will ya do man
when you finally get there?"
been drinking and i'm depressed... (rest)
i have no idea

guess that means for now, though
have faith in that big O
that grandiose, that big caboose
☼ e t e r n a l l y p e r f e c t c i r c l e ☼

waiting for her matching
through dreams that y'all both share
even if you don't believe
it's not the worst thing