Loop Dreamies

by Lex

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released March 2, 2015

recorded by Alex Naughton
vocals on track 4 by Joy Hammond
mixed and mastered by Sean McClellan at SciFly Audio Lab
cover art by John Rusch and Joshua Serrano
released on cassette by ODR: olympicdreamsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/loop-dreamies


tags: rock Seattle


all rights reserved


Lex Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Ray from the Megabus
You might remember when it all started again
Ray you know me well; I'm scared
Took a bite, looked in your eye
You knew

Start it over again
Rip me up to shreds
It's easy to do it
Just do do it
Track Name: Dance Number/Dream Diary
Make a wish, I can't explain it
Slips on down between my fingers
Why you so hard to me?
How do you know?
Why won't you look at me?

It seems that you're lying
It seems I don't care
Want to eat ya
But I don't belong here


In dream
And I look into the face of the absurd

And I reach out
To shake his hand

As soon as hands clasp
I'm hurled into wakefulness

Cell phone is buzzing and blinking
9:30 AM
Track Name: Obey
You got ta just let it go
Got to let those vibes flow

A: Hey, man! I just took some of that.
B: Do you know what I should expect?
Chorus: Yes! Your mind will do backflips.

A: What is the point of doin' this?
B: Yeah, why don't I just get a job?
Chorus: Well, I can't tell you why not. Just do whatever you want.

Repeat (repeat)

Close your eyes! You are right!

You got ta just let it go, got to let those vibes flow
Track Name: Blessingg (Lately 2)
On a landline
Let it go
It just lay there
My ego
Do you love me
Cuz I do
I am painful
There it is

It's November
Freaking cold
I will temble
Freaking cold
Is that me
On a landline
Let it go

Thank GOD it's Friday
I want you more than you can know
Tempting as it seems
I won't stay
Come with me right now
There it is
Track Name: Classic-Style
Track Name: Chilosophy
Keep my ego in check
There's no point to this